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This is a synthetic mix car wash mitt with an elasticated cuff.

It is like a sponge, absorbs dirt and grit into the pile to reduce the risk of scratching the vehicle's paintwork.

The mitt couldn’t possibly be any softer to the touch. Just imagine how it feels to the car! Slip your hand into the mitten-shaped genuine wash mitt and feel the high quality leather on the inside. Outside, lavish strands of wool hold loads of soapy water making for a gentle loving bath for the car. Thick wool fibers safely trap loose dirt particles during the wash, thus protecting the paint and clearcoat from scratches and swirls. The Sheepskin Wash Mitt affords gentleness beyond what can be achieved with a common sponge or cloth. Washing is sheer pleasure with this plush, pillowy mitt.

Properly sized, this non-abrasive mitt fits all comfortably and covers a significant surface area with each and every pass, making the job quick. The comfortable, knit elastic cuff prevents the mitt from slipping off while in use. With your hand snug inside the mitt you can stroke the surface of the car, providing a gentle, thorough bath with an abundance of suds.

This fine thick mitt is made from the best synthatic wool.

Care Instructions:

Rinse with cool water after each use and allow to air dry.

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