About Hundekopf

About Hundekopf

Hundekopf is one of the most premium suppliers of tyres and other automotive parts. Based in Birmingham, we are a modest business set-up promising to deliver efficiency and service for you at all costs.

Our shop displays the best products available in the market, which includes all the advanced and technically updated wheel balancers and alignment machines with multiple bays. Our mission is to excel in our professional journey by offering the best service and products at the most affordable prices.

We understand how crucial tyres are for a perfect ride; this is why we have equipped our shop with the best modern-day tyre changer equipment along with the robust tyres and wheels for all kinds of automobiles.

Known for our professional approach for over five years, we offer quality products and competitive prices in the market. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are well-qualified and fully trained in the automotive field. These skilful technicians can help you with any problem regarding the service of your tyres. 

Why Choose Us?

We prioritise our customers over all the other things.  Not only do we ensure the most economical prices of our products, but we also offer an exceptional support service to meet our customer’s expectation.

Take a sneak peek over our USPs:

  • Budget-Friendly Rates for Big Brands
  • Unmatched Quality & Choice
  • Large Selection of Tyres Online
  • Express Fitting
  • Mobile Fitting
  • 24/7 Customer Service

High-quality tyres with maximum durability are the highlights of our company. We display tyres from all the well-known brands ranging from mid-range to premium tyres.

Our simplistic online features let you search from the infinite variety of tyres we have in our display. You can search our database by tyre size, manufacturer, make and model, or vehicle registration too.

To get the best quality tyres, contact us on 0121 572 0150.